10th SFERA-SOLLAB Doctoral Colloquium on Solar Concentrating Technologies

Mobility of PhD Students

As part of the SFERA 2 project, the activity "Exchange/mobility of personel" has been reconducted.
A discussion concerning this topic will occurs on Wednesday 25th at 12:00. (See the program)
The aim is to strengthen relationships within the consortium by creating a culture of co-operation, through short stays of personnel in others’ labs. It is an attempt to get workers to acquire a global philosophy and attitude with respect to the whole set of SFERA infrastructures. This will pave the way to further collaboration in R&D activities and reinforce the share of know-how between the consortium. These activities are crucial to carry on unified and coherent CSP activities at the different facilities.
For SFERA 2, the emphasis will be put on the mobility of PhD students. We will then take the opportunity of the Doctoral Colloquium to maximize the identification of common R&D topics and potential collaborations. There is generally an average of 40 PhD students categorized in 6 different topics, which gives a lot of opportunities for collaborative work.
During the DC, each PhD students will be asked to fill a questionnaire to identify the other PhD students where collaborations could take place depending on their research topics and their presentation. The supervisors present at the DC will be asked to do the same. At the end of the DC, an hour will be dedicated to put in common the results of this questionnaire, to confirm the adequation of the results between each student and create new open doors where the collaboration was not so obvious . Following the DC, the SFERA team will be in charge of putting things forward in regards to the results and launching the Exchange of Personel activity.




Mar 28, 2014
The 10th SFERA-Sollab DC Organization Committee is pleased to announce the openning of the 10th Sollab DC website. You can now register to the colloquium.