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Objectives and mission of SOLLAB

Recognising both the environmental and climatic hazards to be faced in the coming decades and the continued depletion of the world's most valuable fossil energy resources, Concentrating Solar Technologies can provide critical solutions to global energy problems within a relatively short time frame and is capable of contributing substantially to carbon dioxide reduction efforts. Large scale research infrastructures and a coordinated approach are needed, to prepare the necessary steps for the market entry and cost reduction for this technology.
stirling SOLLAB, Alliance of European Laboratories for Research and Technologies on Concentrating Solar Systems, is an Alliance of five Laboratories of CIEMAT, CNRS, DLR, ETH and PSI from four countries (Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland respectively). These Laboratories operate the biggest concentrating solar facilities in Europe, in terms of power and concentration, and represent a scientific and technical staff of about 300 persons.
The Alliance aims at strengthening human and scientific links between the Laboratories to promote and stimulate researches on concentrating solar systems at the European level in the context of sustainable development. The vision of SOLLAB is to initialise a much stronger long-term integration effect than it can be achieved by co-operation on a project by project basis. 6kw
It will coordinate the process to agree on common goals and priorities and utilise National and European resources most effectively to achieve them. Moreover, it intents to generate a European identity for research on Concentrating Solar Technologies. Scientific and technological excellences are strengthened by this step, due to the envisaged harmonisation of the institutional programs, the most effective use of large scale infrastructure, the establishment of virtual working groups and a extended dissemination and education strategy.
Solar Thus, SOLLAB creates the necessary framework to organise the cooperation in the field of concentrating solar systems at the European level, to enhance synergy between the R&D actions and to facilitate European integration. Collaboration actions (yearly Activity Plan) in the Alliance are defined by a Steering Committee that is chaired for one year by one of the members. A Scientific Management Committee chaired by a Coordinator executes the decisions of the Steering Committee.


June 15 – 17, 2017
13th SOLLAB Doctoral Colloquium on Solar Concentrating Technologies will be organised in Berlin by the DLR, Germany

June 6 – 8, 2016
12th SOLLAB Doctoral Colloquium on Solar Concentrating Technologies will be organised by the Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA), Spain

June 23 – 25, 2014
10th SOLLAB Doctoral Colloquium on Solar Concentrating Technologies at PROMES Odeillo, France

March 2014
New position for a research engineer, experienced in energy systems at CNRS/PROMES

May 13 – 14, 2013
9th SOLLAB Doctoral Colloquium on Solar Concentrating Technologies at Hornberg Castle in the Black Forest, Germany

June 25-26, 2012
8th SOLLAB Doctoral Colloquium on Solar Concentrating Technologies at Almería, Spain

December 19, 2011
New Position for a PhD student opened at the Paul Scherrer Institute

March 24-25, 2011
2nd SFERA Winter School at ETH Zürich, Switzerland

March 21-23, 2011
7th SOLLAB Doctoral Colloquium in Grindelwald, Switzerland

June7-9, 2010
6th SOLLAB Doctoral Colloquium, PROMES Odeillo, France

September 2009
New Post-doctoral position opened at PROMES, 2009-2010

June 22-24, 2009
5th SOLLAB Doctoral Colloquium, DLR Cologne, Germany

September 10-12, 2008
4th SOLLAB Doctoral Colloquium, PSA, Spain

September 11-12-13, 2007
3rd SOLLAB Doctoral Colloquium, PROMES-Odeillo, France

14-15 Apr. 2006
1st Workshop SOLLAB Flux and Temperature Measurement Group - Odeillo