Program of the 7th SOLLAB Doctoral Colloquium 2011

PDF-file of program

Monday, March 21
08:30 Registration
08:50 Welcoming

09:00 Optical design of a solar trough concentrating system for medium- and high-concentration photovoltaics Thomas Cooper
09:15 Linear Fresnel Reflector based Concentrating Solar Power plant: Influence of the optical accuracy of the concentrator's components Francois Veynandt
09:40 Determination of circumsolar radiation and its effect on focusing collectors Stefan Wilbert
10:05 Experimental characterization of 3-D heat flux distribution of a 7 kWe solar simulator Fabrisio Gomez
10:20 Coffee Break
10:50 Methods to analyze the durability of solar reflectors Florian Sutter
11:15 Study of solar materials accelerated aging to perform durability predictions Antoine Boubault
11:40 Parametric analysis of receiver durability and efficiency at high solar flux Eneko Setien
12:05 Lunch

Solar Thermochemistry
14:00 Optical and thermodynamic considerations for a solar water splitting model Matthias Lange
14:25 Thermal dissociation of ZnO using concentrated solar power - Reactor modeling, optimization and scale-up Willy Villasmil
14:50 Syngas production from H2O and CO2 over Zn particles in a packed bed reactor Anastasia Stamatiou
15:15 Two-step solar thermochemical cycle for splitting H2O and CO2 via ceria redox reactions Philipp Furler
15:30 Coffee Break

16:00 A solar cavity receiver packed with an array of thermoelectric converter modules - Experimentation, modeling and optimization Clemens Suter
16:25 High temperature heat storage for thermal protection of solar power plants David Bellard
16:50 Simulation of combined parabolic-trough solar power plants and desalination facilities in arid regions Patricia Palenzuela
17:15 Design and implementation of a new 5 kWe Solar ORC pilot plant at the PSA Mercedes Ibarra
17:40 Break
19:15 Dinner
Tuesday, March 22

CO2 capturing and Decontamination
09:00 CO2 capture from air Christoph Gebald
09:25 Temperature vacuum swing regeneration of amine functionalized solid sorbents for CO2 capture from air Jan Andre Wurzbacher
09:50 Air decontamination by heterogeneous photocatalysis Maria Munoz-Vicente
10:15 Optimization of Solar Photo-Fenton treatment for WWTP effluents containing emerging contaminants Lucia Prieto Rodriguez
10:40 Coffee Break

11:10 Tomography based determination of permeability and Dupuit Forchheimer coefficient of characteristic snow samples Emilie Zermatten
11:25 Dynamic wind loads on heliostats Felipe Vasquez
11:40 High temperature thermal storage for concentrating solar power: Model and experimental results Giw Zanganeh
11:55 Lunch
13:15 Outdoor Activity

Solar Thermochemistry
17:15 Fuel production by reduction of CO2 using concentrated sunlight - A material study Friedemann Call
17:40 Solar driven gasification of micro algal biomass in a two zone reactor - Thermodynamic analysis and reactor design Michael Kruesi
17:55 Assessment of the hybrid sulfur cycle Nicolas Bayer Botero
18:20 Vacuum distillation of aluminum via carbothermal reduction of Al2O3 with concentrated solar energy Enrico Guglielmini
18:35 Doped ceria materials for hydrogen production via two step thermochemical water splitting cycles Alex Le Gal
19:00 Break
19:30 Dinner
Wednesday, March 23

09:00 A solar particle receiver for small gas turbine systems Wei Wu
09:25 Modeling and Characterizing a Solar Particle Receiver Birgit Gobereit
09:50 Determination of an internal geometry for a ceramic high temperature pressurized-air solar receiver Xavier Daguenet
10:15 Modeling and conception of a solar receiver carrying pressurized air for the PEGASE project Benjamin Grange
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 An air based cavity receiver for solar trough concentrators Roman Bader
11:25 Improved high-temperature solar receiver design for parabolic trough concentrators Men Wirz
11:40 Experimental study of a ceramic solar receiver Arnaud Colleoni
12:05 Theoretical proof of concept of an optimal solar receiver to produce low temperature cooling using a thermoacoustic trithermal machine Sophie Cordillet
12:30 Closing Session
12:50 Lunch