Program of the Sixth Sollab Doctoral Colloquium

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Monday, 7 June 2010
8h30-9h00 Welcome and Presentation

Solar fuels
9h00-9h25 Solar syngas production from H2O and CO2 via two-step thermochemical cycles based on Zn/ZnO and FeO/Fe3O4 redox reactions: kinetic analysis Anastasia STAMATIOU
9h25-9h50 Coproduction of Hydrogen and Carbon Black from Natural Gas Cracking under Concentrated Solar Radiation Sylvain RODAT
9h50-10h05 Optical analysis of a solar concentrating facility for the design of a solar cavity receiver Thomas COOPER
10h05-10h20 Design of a 100 kW reactor for the solar thermal dissociation of ZnO Willy VILLASMIL
10h20-11h00 Coffee break

Solar electricity and energy storage
11h00-11h25 Modelling of Concentrating Solar Thermal Power system based on Linear Fresnel Reflector for Cogeneration François VEYNANDT
11h25-11h40 Solar particle receiver for small gas turbines Wei WU
11h40-12h05 Modeling a Free Falling Particle Receiver Birgit GOBEREIT
12h05-12h30 Outdoor characterization and performance evaluation of CPV mini-modules Loïc PUJOL
12h30-14h00 Lunch

Solar components
14h00-14h25 Development of a solar receiver for a thermoacoustic cooler system Sophie CORDILLET
14h25-14h50 Optimizing operations of an open volumetric air receiver Nils AHLBRINK
14h50-15h15 Experimental and Numerical Analyses of a Novel Pressurized Air Receiver for Concentrated Solar Power Illias HISCHIER
15h15-15h45 Coffee break
15h45-17h45 Themis Visit

18h00-19h30 Natural warm bath-Dorres
19h30 Barbecue

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Solar components
9h00-9h25 Thermal Dispersive Effects in Sintered Metal Foams Stefan BRENDELBERGER
9h25-9h50 Experimental and numerical study of a concentrated solar fluidized bed receiver Germain BAUD
9h50-10h15 Simplified method for the geometrical optimization of a solar thermochemical reactor. Application to a real case. Stefania TESCARI
10h15-10h30 radiation effect on the fatigue of metal tube receivers. Eneko SETIEN
10h30-11h00 Coffee break

Solar fuels
11h00-11h25 A lab-scale solar reactor for thermal dissociation of compressed ZnO and SnO2 powders as part of 2-step thermochemical cycles Marc CHAMBON
11h25-11h40 Dynamic modeling of a two step thermochemical water splitting process Preliminary considerations and objectives Matthias LANGE
11h40-12h05 Development of mixed metal oxides for thermochemical hydrogen production from solar water splitting Alex LE GAL
12h05-12h30 Solar Steam Reforming of Methane using Molten Salts as heat carrier Isabelle LABACH
12h30-14h00 Lunch

Solar resources
14h00-14h15 Retrival of circum solar radiation parameters from Meteosat Second Generation observations Bernhard REINHARDT
14h15-14h40 Effect of Circumsolar Radiation on Focusing Collectors. Determination of the Usable DNI from Common DNI Measurements Stephan WILBERT

Solar fuels
14h40-15h05 Development and evaluation of a two step thermochemical cycle for hydrogen generation Jan SäCK
15h05-15h30 Modelling and Simulation of the Hybrid Sulphur Cycle Nicolas BAYER BOTERO
15h30-16h00 Coffee break

Solar electricity and energy storage
16h00-16h25 Numerical and experimental study of a distributor configuration for uniform flow distribution in an elemental absorber of air solar receiver David BELLARD
16h25-16h50 Modeling and conception of a solar receiver carrying pressurized air for the PEGASE project Benjamin GRANGE
16h50-17h15 The once through concept in parabolic trough plants with direct steam generation Fabian FELDHOFF
17h30-19h30 Sports
20h00 Dinner

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Solar electricity and energy storage
8h30-8h55 Experimental investigations on thermoelectric solar cavity receiver Clemens SUTER
8h55-9h20 Optimized Operation Strategies for Solar Trough Power Plants with Integrated Storage Michael WITTMANN
9h20-9h45 Sustainable thermal storage material for CSP tested under concentrated solar flux Antoine MEFFRE
9h45-10h10 Assessment of a novel direct absorption receiver for solar towers and USC steam cycles Csaba SINGER
10h10-10h35 Pressurized receiver in ceramic in order to heat air at high temperature Xavier DAGUENET
10h35-11h05 Coffee break

Solar detoxification and desalination
11h05-11h30 Solar photocatalytic reactor experimental and modelisation results Franck CORREIA
11h30-11h55 Preliminary assessment of a solar driven membrane distillation desalination system Elena GUILLéN BURRIEZA
11h55-12h20 Treatment of municipal waste water effluents with modified solar photo-Fenton Nikolaus KLARMETH
12h20-12h45 Steady State Mathematical Modeling of a Solar Multi-effect Distillation Plant at the Plataforma Solar de Almería Patricia PALENZUELA ARDILA
12h45-14h00 Lunch

Solar components
14h00-14h25 Methods to characterize the degradation of solar reflectors Florian SUTTER
14h25-14h50 An air based cavity receiver for solar trough concentrators Roman BADER
14h50-15h05 DSG in Parabolic Trough Study of Pressure Drop David HERNANDEZ LOBON
15h05-15h30 Optimization of PTC Concentrator Geometry based on Optical Shape Measurements Siw MEISER
15h30-16h00 Coffee break
16h00-18h00 Solar Furnace Visit

18h00 Free time