Sollab - Alliance of European Laboratories on solar thermal concentrating systems

The 3rd SOLLAB Doctoral-Colloquium was held at the PROMES Laboratory, which is located at the Solar Furnace in Odeillo, part of the village of Font-Romeu, which is famous for its hours of sun and is reputed to be the sunniest ski resort in France.
Font-Romeu is at the heart of the broad Cerdan plateau which has been a Regional Natural Park since 2004. It is close to Barcelona, Toulouse, Perpignan, and Andorra and offers a stunning view over the surrounding mountain ranges with peaks at over 2,900 meters high.

1000kW solar furnace at Odeillo Participants
1000kW solar furnace at Odeillo Themis solar plant in Targasonne

The SOLLAB Doctoral Colloquium is dedicated to presentations and discussions by doctoral students and provides a comprehensive forum for the latest scientific and technological advances in the fields of solar thermal electricity generation and solar chemical conversion.

 Deadline for submission of abstracts : July 31, 2007